Heating Inspection

It is generally advised to have a certified service specialist do an annual safety and efficiency assessment, particularly if the heating system is inactive for a significant portion of the year.

At Fully Inspected, we examine both the chimney and the vent pipe, or flue that connects the equipment to the chimney. It needs to have the right upward pitch. The chimney or this pipe could leak or get blocked, allowing lethal carbon monoxide gas to enter the residence.

It is examined to make sure the high-temperature limit control, which prevents the heating system from becoming overheated, is operating properly. A boiler’s pressure relief valve is also examined to ensure proper operation and secure discharge.


  • Reduce costly utility bills.
  • Make your equipment last longer.
  • Make your home’s air circulation better.
  • Reduce repair costs.
  • Make your family’s health a priority.

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