Mold Inspection

Mold in your property can have a significant impact on your investment. More importantly, unchecked mold exposure for long periods of time can have major health consequences.

Our experts can test for mold in your house and help you discover a mold problem before it gets out of hand, giving you the information you need to make sensible investments and residential decisions.


  • If you notice mold or smell a musty odor
  • In the aftermath of a flood, a leak, or a sewage backup
  • If someone or their pet is exhibiting allergy-like symptoms
  • Before you start mold cleanup, be sure you have everything you need.
  • If you have a moist basement, attic, or other place,
  • Before buying or selling a home or property, especially if mold was discovered during a home inspection, consult a professional.
  • If an ice blockage on your roof has caused water to spill into your home or office


Our mold experts test the air in your house with state-of-the-art mold equipment, including an air pump and sampling cassette, to keep you and your investment safe and minimize mold exposure. We instantly submit the air sample to a renowned analytic lab for expert results after collecting it. If any mold is discovered during the sample phase or is brought to our attention by a property owner, we can swab the area by hand and send it to one of our lab partners for further investigation.

We won’t just deliver you a long report brimming of numbers and information. Our mold inspectors will explain the results to you and give you unbiased advice without the conflict of having a financial interest in any cleanup work that may be required. While mold inspections may be required on a monthly basis for a homeowner, these tests are necessary to protect both buyers and sellers during real estate transactions.

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